We’re sorry that we have had to close from the 5th of November but hope to be back on December 3rd God willing

Meantime we are still able to to help you to understand The Bible better by offering you free courses as shown on the website. Most of these can be undertaken with a tutor online

We can also accept orders for greetings and Christmas cards, Bibles, children’s Bible books and other items

To sign up for a course or to order any items please contact us via email at enquiries@biblelearningcentre.org or call or text 07743 187978 and leave a message including your telephone number and email address

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Bible Learning Centre

Bible Learning Centre

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The Solihull Bible Learning Centre was set up in 2012 by the Christadelphians of Solihull and South Birmingham. As committed believers in the Bible as God’s Word, we aim to provide easy access to good quality Bible-based materials both free of charge and for sale, free Bible courses and other help in understanding its vital message for everyone. This would replace what is in the paragraph shown at present.

What we offer

  • For Sale Bibles and related items
  • Free Bible courses
  • Free Bible literature
  • Support and encouragement

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13th December 2019
Bible Learning Centre

Christmas 2019 Closing Times

We’ve decided to close the Bible Learning Centre half an hour early during the winter to allow our staff to make part of their journey home […]
13th December 2019

Window Snowflakes

We have seasonal snowflakes in our window now. They are all different except for one pair. Can you see which two have the same design? There […]
17th July 2019
Nuneaton Pop-up Bible Learning centre

Nuneaton Pop-up Bible Learning Centre

For 2 weeks only! Come and visit our Pop-up Bible Learning Centre stand on the ground floor of Ropewalk Shopping Centre in Nuneaton.  Open: 9am – […]