Free Bible courses

To help you to learn more about the Bible we provide free Bible courses at the Bible Learning Centre at any time to suit you between 10:00 and 4:00 Mon to Sat and 11:00 and 3:00 Fridays.

Courses are led by experienced tutors, usually on a one-to-one basis, and are held in our special course area in the Bible Learning Centre using Powerpoint presentations backed up by notes for you to take away. All the courses are free of charge.

Courses room

Courses currently available

  • Life’s big questions
    Looks at why we are here, why we should believe in a God we cannot see and many other issues. The course is designed for those who are not sure whether to believe in God and the Bible.
  • An introduction to the Bible
    Is designed for those with a limited knowledge of the Bible who want to get started.
  • The Life of Jesus
    Explores the Gospel records of the life and works of the Lord Jesus Christ and is another good starting point.
  • The first Christians
    Looks at the faith, fellowship and worship of the Apostles as recorded in Acts and the letters to the early churches as a guide for the church today.
  • Genesis – the book of the beginnings
    Goes back to the book which tells us how the world was made, how it was corrupted and the foundation of God’s plan to put it right.
  • The Gospel in Isaiah
    Shows how the Gospel was taught in the best known Old Testament prophecy.
  • Learn English through the Bible
    Is a course to help anyone whose first language is not English to improve their English and at the same time get to know the Bible.

Courses can also be taken on-line with a tutor to help.

All our courses start from the belief that the Bible is God’s inspired word.

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